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EXPECT's Inuyasha Tv Review


Rated: 8

Inuyasha is a show for all you people who love thrillers and historic fiction. Its a blood pumping show that has fights, romance, name calling, sarcasm and all around fun.

Its about a 15 year old girl(kagoume) who falls in a well that is a time portal to fudal Japan. There she meets Inuyasha (who is a half dog demon), Songo (a demon killer), Meroku(a monk) and Shippo(a fox demon). They go to find shards of the shikon jewel (the shikon no tama). If this jewel (or even shards) falls in the wrong hands (which it often does)it means disaster.
Inuyasha, like the great majority of the series has its sound track composed byone of the most famous composers of Japan Kaoru Wada.
In it animates ost are 3 and 4 by each existing film.

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